Fixing audio configuration after upgrading Ubuntu

By Sidney Liebrand on May 20, 20201 min read

Every time I upgrade Ubuntu something fails. One of these things is audio. For some reason, upgrading breaks my audio setup in weird ways, I have speakers connected as "Line Out" and a wireless headset. After an upgrade Ubuntu may refuse to play audio through my headset entirely, this can be fixed by removing pulse config:

rm -rf ~/.config/pulse

On restart, Ubuntu will create a fresh config file which will work.

Another thing that fails for me after upgrading Ubuntu is that my headset likes to "take control" over the audio even though it isn't switched on. The (likely) reason this happens is because the hub my headset connects to is in fact, always on, and gets detected after "Line Out". Pulseaudio has a setting located in /etc/pulse/ to automatically switch to "newly connected" audio devices.

Since this is never what I want, I have to disable it by editing the file and commenting out load-module module-switch-on-connect like this:

# load-module module-switch-on-connect

Until next time :)